Welcome to the Hurt Locker

Norco Crossfit...what can you say...it hurts. Some days, you wanna run. But you keep coming back. Why? Community. Challenge. Laughs. Blood. Pain. the Trainers. The shit Sam has said has made me laugh when I wanted to cry and I don't want to forget it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Keep. Your. Hands. On. Top. Of. The. Bar."

-Sam in a very quiet, measured, frightening tone after some asshole put a hole in the wall with a bad bar bounce. (me)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Pick it up! Pick it up!"

- Sam. Every. Fucking. Day.

"Roger!!! You're about to make me use the Lord's name in vain."

- Sam by Jenn Woodmansee


- Sam. (thanks, Christina! Perfect!)

"Keep your shit tight."

- Sam. Every. Fucking. Day.

"Just fucking eat."

- Sam on my 1,000,000th Paleo question

"Rub some dirt in it."

- Sam on my open, bleeding hand blisters

"This isn't housewife fitness."

-Sam on why I’m trying to get bigger while all of my momfriends are trying to get smaller

"They complain about the cuss words in my music. Sons of bitches."

- Sam on the warehouse workers next door


- Sam. Every. Fucking. Day.

"I'm fuckin regulatin' in here today."

- Sam after chewing my 7 yo’s ass for talking to me during a WOD

"It shouldn't feel all 'ponies and ice cream.' You're looking for 'dragons and spit.' "

- Sam on lacrosse ball

"Do not drop the kettlebell. I may or may not fuck with you."

-Sam on goblet squats/tuck jumps max reps

"Wipe the sweat off my balls."

- Sam on wall balls